Almegro Furniture

Upgrade your home and office with Almegro Furniture! Our high-quality,    eco-friendly furniture is designed to meet all your needs.


The first step in furniture production. Materials are also selected.


It’s a precise process, and the foundation of any well-made furniture.


 ideas are transformed into tangible objects. It’s is carefully crafted.


the magic happens. It’s where the final product is brought to life, 

Quality Control

ensures that it meets the highest standards of quality and durability. 


resulting in a stunning and long-lasting final product.


Eco Friendly Furnitures

Our commitment to protecting the environment is at the heart of everything we do. 


High Quality Management

ensures that our customers benefit from our commitment to quality, and we take pride in offering products that meet the highest standards.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

At Almegro Furniture Manufacturing, we believe that no project is too big or too small. Whether you’re looking to furnish your entire office or just need a new desk for your home, we’ve got you covered. Our team of skilled craftsmen and designers work tirelessly to create custom furniture pieces that meet the unique needs of each and every one of our clients.

From the initial design phase to the final installation, we work closely with our clients to ensure that their vision is brought to life. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is what sets us apart from the competition. So why wait? Contact Almegro Furniture Manufacturing today and let us help you create the perfect furniture for your home or office.

We’ve Been Building For Over 4 years

Almegro Furniture Manufacturing is a leading furniture manufacturer for home and office, located in Kampala, Uganda.

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